What’s cool about KoolTex? An explainer on Dry Fit trainers.

Perhaps the most important criteria when selecting footwear is how good it makes you feel. When you’re on your feet all day long, it only makes sense to invest in footwear that helps you do the same, comfortably. Shoes that hurt your feet and cook them in the heat are big deal breakers. The ideal shoe is one that not only looks good but also keeps you comfortable by ensuring that your feet are cool, can breathe and stay sweat free throughout your day. And our KoolTex trainer is designed to do just that.

So what’s special about the KoolTex trainer?

Well, we designed it with a unique, innovative technology called Dry Fit that is found in athletic apparel. The Kooltex shoe is made from reengineered polyester which is a Dry Fit fabric that keeps the wearer cool and dry all through the day with its super fast water and sweat absorbing capacity.

Kooltex has an  inherent moisture management mechanism through its unique structure which supports the wicking of sweat through micro channels. These micro channels move moisture away from the body through rapid capillary action and spread over a larger area on the fabric’s surface thus enabling rapid evaporation of moisture.

Here’s a simple break down of the process:

  • Sweat is absorbed and wicked rapidly to the fabric outer surface
  • Sweat gets dispersed over a large surface area to speed up evaporation
  • Sweat evaporates rapidly, leaving behind a dry and cool feeling

Besides its moisture wicking properties,the material consists of antimicrobial agents which prevent bad odours. In addition, the mesh panels of the fibre enhance breathability, creating the perfect all day and all weather shoe to add to your casual wardrobe.

Now you must be thinking that a trainer this functionally relevant couldn’t possibly be that good looking. Here are some pictures to put your mind at ease.


Nailing the minimalist aesthetic was top on our list when designing the KoolTex trainer. It comes in 6 suave dual toned colours that play around with neutral shades and pair them with contrasting solid colours to create an understated effect that works great with athleisure wear/ casual wardrobes.

The KoolTex trainer is now available for Pre-orders so you can be among the first to get your hands on these contemporary all day trainers!


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