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Creating Flatheads

When we set out to create Flatheads, our focus was on the Indian urban working audience.

We Indians have moved from semi-formal to casual dressing at work - jeans and chinos with T-shirts are the everyday choice. We also spend a lot of time in our shoes, starting at work and then hanging out with friends at the coffee shop or neighbourhood pub.

But shoes? Our choices are still limited to sports shoes (comfortable, but built for athletic performance) or leather slip-ons (semi-formal, but not comfortable).

We felt the need and saw an opportunity to create the perfect shoe for everyday work and fun environments.


Designing Flatheads

We've designed Flatheads for the discerning audience - subtle, minimalist styling that completes your everyday look.

For the work tribe:

Flatheads are styled for the Indian casual work dressing vibe. The understated logo, the signature colours and the one-time lacing make the shoes work appropriate, whether you are at your desk or in a client meeting.

Only what's necessary:

We've stripped down a Flatheads shoe to its essence, keeping only what matters and leaving everything else out. Our shoes have 3 components - uppers, insoles and soles. The uppers are knit fibres with a breathable single layer, which keeps your feet airy. The insoles and soles are optimized for cushioning, so your feet don’t tire out after long days.

Style with substance:

Only premium quality materials are used to ensure your Flatheads stay with you for the long haul. We’ve run these shoes through 37 quality and endurance tests according to international standards - not many Indian brands can claim to do so!

The best design is invisible:

When we crafted Flatheads, we took care of the little details. The tongue-free design enables you to slip the shoes on and off everyday - only one-time lacing required. The shoes are easily washable and dry quickly - just wash them over the weekend, and they are ready to go again on Monday.

In The News

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