Our Story

Hello there,

Since you’re here, we take it you’re interested in getting to know us. Well, let’s begin.

As a shoe brand that’s heavy on functionality, we assure you there’s going to be no talks of “Pyramid cushioning technology”, “Aircube lightweightedness” and “German Soft Gel” from us (does anyone really know what they mean?).

Nah, at Flatheads we believe in letting jargons, be jargons.

We’re more interested in telling you our story.

So, let’s start from the basics.

Let’s talk about comfort.

Whether it’s taking a bite of your favourite comfort food or crawling into bed after a busy day, we are all too familiar with that feeling of comfort that everyone comes running back to. Now imagine that feeling, packed into every stitch in your shoe. Well, that’s kind of what we do at Flatheads.

Except that, we like to make our shoes ridiculously comfortable.

That’s our version of german gel, pyramid cushioning and what not, worded in a nutshell, just for you.