About Us

Our founders, Ganesh Balakrishnan and Utkarsh Biradar had always shared a passion for entrepreneurship. In 2018 - 25 years of knowing each other and a successful enterprise later - they learned that they also shared another passion – for shoes. They had both extensively researched the footwear industry in India, and had found gaps between what was needed and what was out there.

They realised that the new-age post-millennial office goer wanted casual stylish shoes that could be worn both to work and to post-work hangouts, which were optimised for 12-14 hour comfort. There seemed to be a void in this premium casual shoes segment, wherein most shoes either lacked comfort, or style, or affordability.

In Ganesh’s words, “aspirational brands were not affordable, and affordable brands were not aspirational”. 

So together, they decided to fix that, and one year, many months of research, several brainstorming sessions, and fundraising later, Flatheads was born!