Our Story

Flatheads put a spring in your step, not make you run faster.

We were over the idea of brands calling out their ultimate performance products and pushing us to be more than normal. We were just not onboard with conforming to the gold standard of casual office shoes - sports shoes or the plethora of slip-ons. 

So, we created the perfect shoe for everyday work and fun environments. Shoes that are for your life, your passions, your personality, for you, no matter who you are. 

For when you are just being you.

We designed Flatheads sneakers for discerning customers like you. The one shoe for all your everyday needs. Shoes that keep you comfortable all-day, whether you are at work, at the pub, taking a stroll, getting groceries, or walking the dog.

Just what you need, nothing less.

Flatheads are minimalistic, breathable and comfortable, yet elegant and versatile enough to pair with everything in your wardrobe. They’ll have you looking and feeling great. Always.

Only premium quality materials are used to ensure your Flatheads stay with you for the long haul. We’ve run these shoes through 37 quality and endurance tests according to international standards.

Flatheads work for you, because YOU make them work!

Flatheads work on a suit. And joggers. And jeans. And shorts. And in the buff. On a rainy day. Or a sunny one. When you’re broke. And when you’ve hit the jackpot. When you’re happy. And when you’re not. At work. On a picnic. In the car. With friends. Family. By yourself. They work. Because you do.

We hope you like the experience we set out to create.