Bet you’ve never seen a shoe like this: Meet the world’s first Banana Kicks.

What’s the deal, banana peel?
Not sure about peels but banana stems sure are a big deal for us. Read more to find out why.

First, we’d like to raise a toast to our latest launch with four new collections unlike any other! If you haven’t already heard the news, click here for a glimpse.

Now, let’s dive deeper into our most experimental line - the Banana Kicks.

We made the first ever sneakers with banana fibre! This exclusive sneaker is designed with uppers made from banana stems cut out from the tree, which is then expertly spun into super soft banana yarn.

The Material:
Besides being supremely soft, banana yarn is also extremely breathable and durable. It has a robust moisture absorption capacity and helps keep your feet cool and sweat free all day long. 

The Process:
Banana extraction is a purely mechanical process and we don’t use any chemicals while doing so. This helps bring out a rustic, rougher look to the upper while feeling extremely comfortable on the skin!

The Design:
What makes this sneaker super special lies in its knitting technique. In fact, its closed knit structure adds strength to the shoe, ideal for all day use and guaranteed to be a part of your journey for a long, long time.

The Aesthetic:
Classic sneakers with a contemporary twist, our Banana Kicks sensibly bring understated style to a comfortable, all day shoe. We designed these sneakers in everyday colours, to complement your wardrobe. While maintaining a minimal aesthetic, we paid attention to details such as the eyelets and embroidered them for a stylish contrast that nails the understated aesthetic.

Simply put, you could be the first to wear the world’s first Banana Kicks. Interested? Go check out our collection and find your favourite pair!


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