Frequently Asked Questions


Are Flatheads masks suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, Flatheads KN95 masks can be worn everyday - they protect you from air pollution (particulate matter PM2.5, PM10).

Are Flatheads masks reusable?

Flatheads masks can be reused for upto 40 hours wearing time. That's more than a month if you wear them for 1 hour a day! Post that, we recommend discarding the mask and purchasing another one.

Are Flatheads masks washable?

We do not recommend washing the masks - this reduces their air filtration effectiveness.

Can Flatheads masks be shipped anywhere in India?

Yes, we can ship our masks anywhere in India, including red zones, as these masks are classified as essential items.

Can I return the masks if I don't like them?

Sorry, we do not accept returns of the masks for hygiene and safety purposes.


What are Flatheads uppers made of?

Flatheads are made of modern materials with strong, breathable and comfortable knit fiber uppers. And secret ingredient X, making them so very very swaggalicious!

What are Flatheads soles and insoles made of?

The soles are made of EVA and are shockproof, flexible, water resistant and extremely lightweight. The insoles are made of cushiony PU, which helps distribute the weight of your body evenly, offering best-in-class comfort. These shoes are meant for moonwalking!

How durable are my Flatheads?

A pair of Flatheads can take a beating and keep on ticking in your everyday life. However we don't recommend going camping, trekking or working out in them. Base-jumping safe!

How long will a pair of Flatheads last me?

Pretty long, longer than your last relationship. Just give ‘em love & care and occasionally caress them!

How comfortable are my Flatheads?

The soles are shockproof, water resistant, flexible and extremely lightweight. The insoles are cushiony and distribute the weight of your body evenly, offering best-in-class comfort. Long story short - like walking on pillows!

Are Flatheads weather resistant?

Flatheads shoes are good for any weather, and remain breathable and airy, regardless of the season. Just don’t go skiing in them!

What colours do Flatheads come in?

We have multiple colours in each style. You can refer the product pages of each style to see our complete range of available colour blends. Awe guaranteed!

Will the colour of my Flatheads bleed or fade?

Flatheads uppers have been tested for color fastness and fade resistance. To keep them looking as good as new, treat them like a child, your own child!

Are Flatheads eco-friendly?

Flatheads are made of modern materials like most high-end shoes. We are working on an eco-friendly line, stay tuned!

Can Flatheads be used for athletic purposes like running, gym, and training?

Flatheads are all day sneakers, best for comfortably wearing throughout the day. They are optimized to provide over 14 hours of comfort. However, we do not recommend them for gym/training/running. Recommended for crossing roads and getting stuff done!

Will I sweat a lot in Flatheads?

The breathable uppers will ensure you are comfortable even in hot conditions. Flatheads have been tested in the deserts of Dubai, no jokes!

Why are Flatheads pricey?

Flatheads shoes have single-piece knit uppers and EVA soles. Our shoes stand toe-to-toe with that of international brands in terms of quality. Take us out for a spin and you will see what we mean!


What all payment methods do you accept?

You could pay using any of the following payment methods:
  1. Cash on Delivery (for eligible pincodes only)
  2. Net Banking
  3. Credit/Debit Cards
  4. UPI
  5. Wallets - Payzapp, Mobikwik, Ola Money, Airtel Money, Freecharge

Can I pay COD (cash on delivery)?

Yes, if your shipping address pincode is eligible for COD. You can check if your pincode is eligible below:

Check COD Availability

Please note:
  1. Cash on delivery is only accepted for orders above Rs. 2000 and below Rs. 8000. Pre-orders are not eligible for COD.
  2. Cash on delivery is only serviceable in specific cities and pin codes. You can check if your location is eligible for COD via the availability checker above.
  3. In case of COD orders, order confirmation will be required from the recipient over call. Orders will not be dispatched until phone confirmation is completed.
  4. COD payment can be accepted by cash or credit/debit card. E-vouchers, store credit or foreign currency cannot be accepted as mode of payment.
  5. For COD orders refunds will be provided via store credit equivalent to the total order value. We cannot refund the amount by any other method, such as UPI or bank transfer.
  6. Any dispute arising due to COD is subject to the jurisdiction of Bangalore, Karnataka.

Can I buy Flatheads outside India?

Flatheads are made exclusively for purchase within India. Conquering one country at a time!

Money got deducted from my card/account but the order was not confirmed. Can you please help?

The site is end-to-end secured so please rest assured; you're in safe hands. As next steps, please send a mail to with your order ID and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Mummy Swear!


I have wide feet. What do I do?

Do nothing, we got you covered. Buy one size larger than the length of your feet. You know what they say about guys with big feet ;)

I don't know my size, how do I buy these awesome sneakers?

Refer the size chart on the product page. We follow the India/UK size charts.

Do you make half sizes?

No, but you can size up to the next size, and it will still fit you perfectly. Our uppers are flexible and adapt to your feet like socks. Why go half when you can go whole.

I wear X brand, what size Flatheads will fit me?

We’re sorry you had to compromise all this time with other brands. But you’re a couple of steps away from finding the perfect pair of Flatheads. Refer the size chart on the product page.

Do you have sizes larger than India/UK 11?

Size India/UK 12 is available in our Kapow 2.0 and Ellipsis shoes. The classic Kapow and Ooof shoes are only available upto size UK 11. And geez, go easy on the women!

Do you make sizes smaller than India/UK 6?

No, we don't make that size as of now. Petite and kids sizes coming soon, maybe!

The shoes I want are out of stock. What do I do?

We're sorry you missed out. We will notify you when the next collection comes in. Drop us a mail on and if you’d like to be notified.

Shipping & Returns

How long does it take to ship my Flatheads?

Delivery happens in 2-9 days from date of order, depending on your location. We dispatch orders within 1-day. Orders placed on Friday post 2 p.m, are dispatched on following Monday or the next working day.

Delivery timelines:
  • Bangalore (Our home) 1-2 days
  • Metros 2-4 days
  • Other cities 5-9 days

What if I receive a damaged product?

Please email us a picture of the damaged shoe(s) along with your order ID on and we will exchange the shoes for you. It is highly unlikely, because they rest in cradles, with guard dogs keeping watch!

What is the return policy?

Flatheads shoes (except the Kapow 2.0 Chalk and shoes bought on Clearance Sale discount) are eligible for return if the shoes are unused, undamaged, clean and with the tag and box, all within 7 days of receiving your shoes. The Kapow 2.0 Chalk is only eligible for exchanges and are not eligible for returns. All shoes bought on a clearance sale discount are not eligible for exchange or return.

What is the exchange policy?

Exchange is applicable only for sizing and fit issues. Flatheads are eligible for exchange if the shoes are unused, undamaged, clean, with the tag and box and was not bought on a clearance sale discount, all within 7 days of receiving your shoes. Please email us on with your order ID to initiate the exchange.

What is the return/exchange process?

Once you have initiated a return/exchange, we will confirm the pickup date and time. Our delivery partners will pick up the orders from you and the shoes will be checked against the exchange/return policies. Upon successful verification, an exchange or refund will be initiated. For COD orders refunds will be provided via store credit equivalent to the total order value. We cannot refund the amount by any other method, such as UPI or bank transfer.

Do you ship Flatheads abroad (outside India)?

Currently, Flatheads are made exclusively for purchase within India. Conquering one country at a time!

Shoe Care

How do I clean my Flatheads?

Hand wash occasionally with detergent, cold water and strong manly hands!

How do I store my Flatheads?

Do not store in a cool, dark place. Let them breathe and feel free to show them off.