Sneakers for the #unalike

at work or out hangin'

turn heads & look bangin'

slip 'em on & drop the mic

Flatheads are your everyday dress sneakers - your best buds, your wingmen. They’ll always make you the centre of attention, whether you’re at work, partying, out on a date, or just chillin’ at home!

Meet the Flatheads

These sneakers are unalike

Flatheads are perfect for long wear, optimised to provide over 14 hours of comfort.
Every part of the shoe is designed for easy wear.

Flatheads are made of knit uppers which makes them light, airy and breathable
Flatheads insoles are extra cushiony for added comfort
With our signature lacing, tie them just once and thereafter slip in and out
Our extra light outsoles are made for comfortably walking on a range of surfaces