Launching not one but four, ‘first-of-its-kind’ collections!

Those who have followed our journey already know how obsessed we are with breaking the rules. So it should come as no surprise that we did it again. We identified new materials and reengineered traditional ones to design four exquisite collections unlike any other.

The world around us is changing. And with that, come changing lifestyles and ultimately, changing audiences. Gone are the days of working from 9-5. We now live in a world where a ‘hustle culture’ is emerging. As days blended into nights, cafes turned into boardrooms and people jumped straight from meetings to meet-ups, we started to understand the need for footwear that embraced this versatile lifestyle and created a unique expression for the new generation worker.

So we designed just that - new generation sneakers for the urban workforce.

Gone are the days of workwear being confined to formal leather shoes or the notion that comfortable can’t be fashionable. We believe in using thoughtful design and innovative materials to create footwear that speaks to consumers not just through addressing functional pain points, but also allows them to express their identity in a rather unique way, through understated fashion.

We experimented with natural fibres, reengineered polyester and brought never-seen-before design technologies to the world of footwear to launch four revolutionary collections that the world has never seen.

Intrigued? Here’s a sneak peek into our latest collections.

Banana Kicks: Soft, breathable, natural banana fibre sneakers are a first in the world. Its uppers are made from smooth yarn extracted from the banana stem without using chemicals. A vegan sneaker!

Linen Shoes: India’s first linen shoes - temperature regulating and durable linen keeps your feet warm in winters and cool in summers.

KoolTex Sneakers: The only shoes with active moisture control technology as used in gym wear. Reengineered polyester wicks away sweat and keeps your feet cool and dry all day long.

SoftKnit Loafers: Spun polyester is a super smooth filament fibre which is suitable for all weathers and feels softer than cotton. These loafers are finished with a smooth texture to feel great on your skin!
And the good news? They’re coming very, very soon to you. Follow our journey for regular updates and other exciting information on our new launch! Psst, we recommend signing up for exclusive pre-access and pre-order information to be the first to own a pair of these innovative, all-day sneakers!

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