What makes Flatheads shoes ridiculously comfortable?

We’ve all heard of the phrase “Let bygones be bygones.” Well, what if we told you that we had our own rendition of that? What if we told you to let “Jargons be jargons?”

Think of your typical shoe brands. Now look at what they’re telling you. “German Gel”, “Aircube Technology” and “Pyramid cushioning”. We’re all too familiar with these words. But the funny part is that nobody even really knows what they mean. Well, unlike other shoe brands that package fancy words that fly straight over your head to sell you their product, we at Flatheads believe in asking you to buy into a feeling.

A feeling that we like to call Ridiculously Comfortable.

So what makes our shoes Ridiculously Comfortable? To understand that, you need to first know what Ridiculously Comfortable means. It’s simple. Ridiculously Comfortable is that feeling when you’re sprawled out on your couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon binge watching your favourite TV show. It’s the feeling you get when you take the first bite of your favourite comfort food. It’s the warmth you feel under a blanket on a cold, rainy day. It’s what you feel when you dance like no one’s watching. Or the way you sound when you laugh uncontrollably with your favourite person. Very simply put, it’s your comfort zone. It’s your safe space. Your go-to. And our mission? To stitch this feeling into our shoes so you feel it every time you slip into them.

Now that we’ve painted a VERY vivid picture(apologies from our writer), let’s move on to what makes Flatheads shoes Ridiculously Comfortable.


All our shoes are optimally designed to bring you the most comfortable pair of sneakers you’ve ever stepped into. Our insoles, midsoles, knitted uppers and even lacing closure are carefully constructed to fit comfortably into your day, just as comfortably as you slip into them. After long hours at the drawing board and countless mugs of coffee, our team has researched, experimented with and brought to you the most efficient pair of sneakers that are lightweight, flexible and cushion-y soft. Just the way you want them to be.


What your shoes are made of is ultimately going to reflect in their comfort level. Flatheads sneakers are designed with the most optimal, relevant materials that are perfect for the Indian tropical climate. We believe in the power of ‘natural’. Our bamboo sneakers are the first of its kind in India. And what makes bamboo so special besides being better for the environment is that it’s also better for your feet! Bamboo is moisture wicking and has antimicrobial properties that help your feet breathe and sweat less. How cool is that?


When it comes down to style, we believe that you look your best when you’re comfortable. You could be wearing the fanciest shoes in the world, but if you’re going to be groaning every moment that you’re in them, you wouldn’t be painting a pretty picture now would you? Besides easing you into your comfort zone and helping you look your best, our shoes are designed keeping in mind a minimal, casual chic aesthetic that complements almost every look. So you can be ridiculously comfortable, no matter the occasion. From your morning walk, to your 9-5 and then post work drinks at the local bar, you’re going to look AND feel ridiculously comfortable in Flatheads all through the day!


Very simply put, we get you. Perhaps the most important aspect of making our shoes Ridiculously Comfortable is the fact that we know the importance that ‘comfort’ holds in our lives. As humans, we naturally seek out comfort. It is a feeling that is linked to happiness, which ultimately has a positive impact in every aspect of your life. Comfort boosts creativity, productivity and positivity.. Need we say more? As strong believers in ‘comfort’ it is only fitting that we pack every inch of our sneakers with this feeling we so want to share with the world!

We’ve said what we had to say. Now, it’s your turn to put this to the test. If we have managed to pique your curiosity about this Ridiculously Comfortable feeling that we keep talking about, go get yourself a sneaker from Flatheads and we’ll make it worth it.

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