Meet our collection!

Hi Sneakerhead!

Curious to get to know us better, are we? Let’s cut straight to the chase with an ice-breaking shoe tour that will knock your socks off! Here’s a peek into our sneaker hall of fame:


Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who’s the lightest of them all? Meet Ellipsis, an Oxford styled plimsoll that’s possibly the lightest sneaker you’ll ever step foot into. Seriously. We’ve had customers come up to us and say they felt like they were walking on clouds! So what’s the secret behind this lightweight beauty? It’s all in the design, of course. We’ve spent long hours perfecting the Ellipsis, to arrive at a piece made out of high quality synthetic knit fibre and weighing only 400 grams, to allow your feet to stay snug while you waltz about your day with such effortless ease!


Anyone who has faced an embarrassing situation with smelly feet, say “Aye”. And if you haven’t, say “Aurea”. Our au natural Aurea is India’s first bamboo sneaker, made with 100% natural bamboo fibre uppers. What’s bamboozling about bamboo, you ask? Its moisture wicking, antimicrobial properties that help your feet stay fresh, cool and comfortable all through the day. Hear that sound? It’s the sound of your feet breathing. You’re welcome.

Kapow 2.0

Our show stopping Kapow 2.0 sure is a head turner If you love to stand out, you need these bad boys on your feet. Weighing just 450 grams, this sneaker is designed very intricately with 3D sock knit fibre that is breathable and airy. An unbelievably soft sneaker that fits snugly, almost like a glove. Did we mention they’re super stylish and designed like high tops too? Safe to say our designers really enjoyed working on this one!


Our story with Troos began with the introduction of a ridiculously comfortable bamboo slip-on which we have now modified to a natural bamboo everyday loafer in five vibrant colours. These chic and natural bamboo loafers have been designed with extra heel cushioning and improved closure to fit snugly onto your feet but also keep you ready to be on the move. Its bamboo uppers of course are its selling feature, with antimicrobial and moisture wicking properties to keep your feet cool and sweat free! We’ve also designed these in five stylish colours to keep your closet as colourful as it is comfortable!

Now that we’ve broken the ice, which of our collections are you ready to take home? And if you’ve already tried our sneakers on for size, you should consider dropping us a review. We’d love to know just what you’re thinking! 

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