We’re on a mission to make shoes that make sense

When you don’t quit post your 9-5, why should your shoes?

At Flatheads, we make shoes that understand the balance you seek in your life. Our shoes are designed to effortlessly embrace the fine line between being fashionable and functional, subtle and distinct or professional and personal. And we do so with the help of thoughtful design and innovative materials that blend together to embrace this “fine line”.

Each Flatheads shoe is designed to fit right into your lifestyle and adapt to your every day, just as you do.

Our shoes are Simple, yet Intricate.
Thoughtful design that is complex enough to provide you with 14+ hours of comfort and simple enough to make everyday hassle-free.

Subtle, yet Distinct
We neither blend in, nor stand out. We catch the eye, effortlessly.

Professional, yet Casual
Made to impress in the boardroom and break ice at a beer night.

Functional, yet Fashionable
Cushiony soft insoles, Aerflo Technology and an ultra lightweight feel are packaged together with understated elegance and minimalistic charm.

Every once in a while, we’ll get a customer that asks us, “What’s special about Flatheads?” And to them we say, “We make shoes that understand you.”

Our shoes are made to not only fit into your lifestyle but also to make your everyday, hassle free. We make shoes that understand your need for performance on the professional front and your desire to impress on the personal, all while staying comfortable. We make shoes that find meaning in your day.

That’s why, we think it’s worthwhile that you know just what they’re made of.

Innovative Materials
We did something revolutionary. We bid farewell to traditional materials and conducted intense research on innovative fibers that pointed us in the direction of ‘Bamboo.’ Not only is bamboo fiber lightweight and flexible, it is also temperature regulating, breathable and odour free, making it the most sensible material that could go into your shoes.

AERFLO Technology
Our best minds led to the birth of AERFLO Technology- a unique open knit structure that enhances breathability while keeping the fabric stretchy and resistant to wear and tear.

PU Foam Insoles
We designed our insoles to feel like clouds. Cushiony soft, with unique sole cupping to shape and hold your feet together. EVA soles are shock and water resistant to offer a spring in your step when you walk!

Hassle-free Construction
One time lacing enables you to lace up once and move on. Tongue less design increases breathable area and improved heel closure offers a snug fit for your feet. Each component is carefully studied and crafted to suit your everyday needs.

Understanding the Understated
There has been a longstanding myth that shoes that are high on comfort are not stylish. We’re here to bust that stereotype with shoes that bring Understated fashion and minimalism into the foreground of Indian footwear. Shoes that neither blend in, nor stand out. We embrace effortless everyday fashion.

Our shoes are designed for that discerning customer(you), who finds meaning in thoughtful design and excitement in expressing their identity through an understated aesthetic. Join us on a journey of simplicity, minimalism, thoughtfulness and understated elegance.

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