Here’s why you MUST add bamboo shoes to your wardrobe!

As time rolls on and the world around us changes, it becomes important to change with it. With increasingly conscious consumers, come conscious brands making products that not only add value to a consumer’s life but are easy on the environment as well.

At Flatheads, we believe that what’s on your feet is a reflection of who you are and what you believe in. We are a small brand embarking on a big journey- to revolutionize footwear through smart design and innovative materials that make perfect sense in your life. With that in mind, we became the first footwear brand in India and the UAE to turn bamboo into a high performing shoe fabrication.

So, what’s special about bamboo? Read more to explore a world of benefits that your new bamboo shoes could open you up to.

Bamboo is natural
Bamboo shoes are made from bamboo yarn that is 100% natural. What’s cooler is that the bamboo plant regenerates from its own roots and doesn’t require fertilizer, which means that it doesn’t have to be planted after each harvest. Plus, growing bamboo makes for no water waste. In a nutshell, you’ll be doing much less harm to the environment by switching to bamboo products!

Bamboo is lightweight
Bamboo fiber is not only sturdy and flexible, it is also super lightweight and practically feels like there is nothing on your feet! Bamboo shoe uppers are made from pulpy soft bamboo yarn extracted from the plant, which feels super soft on your skin too.

Bamboo is temperature regulating
Perhaps the coolest property of natural bamboo is its ability to regulate temperature. This means, you can wear them in any weather. Natural bamboo yarn is great for all day active cooling and keeps your feet cool in warm climates and snug in colder atmospheres.

Bamboo keeps your feet fresh
Not only is natural bamboo super breathable, but it is also moisture wicking and antimicrobial. What this means for your feet is that they stay cool and sweat free all day long without running the risk of bad odour. So don’t be shy to wear them without socks!

Bamboo looks(and feels) good
Notice how these bamboo shoes are designed minimally? We did that to achieve an understated, minimalist aesthetic that pairs well with any wardrobe style. While we recommend pairing bamboo shoes with casual and semi-formal attire, we’ve seen some very versatile outfits that work amazingly with these shoes! And what could be better than a shoe that not only looks good on your feet but also feels good on your mind?

Need we say more? Join us in our journey of revolutionizing everyday footwear by trying on a pair of natural bamboo shoes that will make a cool statement wherever you go!

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