Choosing the right footwear is important. Here’s how you do it!

If the shoe fits, wear it?

Hold on, it’s not that simple. Selecting the right footwear involves a lot more than just finding the right shoe size for you. In fact, there’s a whole world of decisions to factor in when doing so. Choosing the right footwear is way more important than you think. It not only helps you look and feel your best, but it also keeps your feet healthy and aids your general physical and mental well-being. Wondering how? Stay with us till the end of this article to find out!

But first, here’s a little mental exercise to keep you on your toes. Close your eyes and picture this. You’ve excitedly unboxed a new pair of shoes and are ready to step into the week with them. The day starts off great and you’re feeling good about your latest purchase. Hours pass as you continue to hustle (because does 9-5 really exist anymore?). A few colleagues make plans after work. You start to say yes but feel a weight drag you down. You realise an ache slowly creeps over your body. And guess where it begins? Your feet. Your day isn’t the same anymore.

Here’s why. Low quality shoes can reduce circulation and cause a slew of problems like blisters, corns and calluses as well as foot aches. These shoes don’t allow for optimal air circulation which leads to sweaty, smelly feet! Remember that comfort is paramount. Shoes that aren’t designed optimally don’t give you enough room for your toes, affecting your daily functioning with just how uncomfortable they are!

So, what should I keep in mind while selecting the right footwear?”

We’re glad you asked! We’ve curated a handy(or footy? Oops!) guide for you to follow when purchasing your next pair of footwear. Here are a few golden rules to keep in mind:


When selecting the right footwear, ensure that you go for a sturdy, snug fitted pair that fits your feet like gloves. Most footwear brands these days favour style over comfort. That’s the biggest mistake you could make. After all, you’re not going to look good if you don’t feel good, are you? Select shoes that are optimally designed. Look for insoles and midsoles designed with PU foam and EVA for optimum comfort and cushioning.


Selecting the right footwear shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you ask us, you should be taking it light-weightedly. Jokes aside, what we mean is that lightweight is efficient. Chunky or heavy shoes take a lot more effort to walk in and interfere with your natural gait. The lighter your shoe, the smoother your movement.


The flexibility of your shoe determines its ability to move with you. Ideally, your shoe should be able to aid the alignment of your foot when it touches the ground. To ensure flexibility, go for shoes with an EVA sole and knitted fabric uppers as opposed to woven cloth, leather or faux leather.


When making your next footwear purchase, ask yourself this - “What is my shoe made out of?” If your shoes are made out of natural fibres such as bamboo, you’re on your way to making a smart purchase. Not only are natural fibres better for the environment, but shoes made out of fibres such as bamboo are antimicrobial and moisture wicking. In simple terms, your feet stay cool and odour-free all day long!


While comfort should be your top priority, finding the perfect shoe for you also involves making a smart decision, aesthetically. Look for brands that have hit the sweet spot with both comfort and style (yes, they exist). A smart way to go about this would be to pick footwear that complements every style in your wardrobe. Minimally designed shoes can be very elegant and often effortlessly complement every wardrobe style - from casual to semi-formals and even party wear!


The most important aspect of picking the right footwear lies in the quality of your next purchase. Here’s when it becomes important to know the brand you choose to go with. Knowledge truly is power. Research the brand and what it stands to offer. Remember that quality footwear does not come dirt cheap. You would rather spend just a little more out of your pocket to take home something that you can cherish and wear for a long time.

Well, there you have it. You are now armed with the golden rules of selecting the right footwear for yourself. Remember that the world of footwear is a big one and you’ll have many options to choose from. Finding the right pair takes time. Be sure to do your research, evaluate your options and get to know your brands before going head first into a purchase. We’re confident that you’ll make a smart purchase that brings your next favourite pair of shoes straight home to you!

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