A first look at India’s first Linen Sneakers

Did you know that there was a period in time when linen clothing was only available to the creme de la creme of society? It was a luxury fabric that not everyone was fortunate enough to wear and was reserved for royalty. Fast forward a few hundred years and we now have a wide variety of quality linen products from bedding to clothing.

We’ve all heard about the popularity of linen shirts or trousers. People swear by linen clothing for its ability to be comfortable, durable and cooling. In fact it is one of the top summer fabric choices for people! So when you are so picky about your clothes being comfortable, it’s only fair that your shoes(which bear the biggest burden of your day) should be made doubly comfortable!

That’s why we reinvented your sneakers with linen. And here’s what makes them so innovative!

Linen is durable
Linen is known as the world’s strongest natural fibre and is far more durable than cotton. Linen is not just sturdy but also very resilient, lasting you for a long, long time without taking too much damage.

Linen is comfortable
Linen is possibly one of the most comfortable materials your sneakers could be made of. It is lightweight, moisture-wicking and thermoregulating which helps keep your feet cool, sweat-free and comfortable all through the day! In addition, the way linen is structured allows for higher air flow and thus increases breathability.



Linen is made for every season
Wondering how the same fabric can keep you both cool and warm? That’s one of the best properties of linen! We already know that linen is ideal for summers because of how light, breathable and moisture-wicking it is. But how does it keep you warm and sweat-free at the same time? Well, linen is made from flax which is a natural insulator that releases excess humidity. So while cotton may keep you warm, it can also make you sweat. Linen, on the other hand, will retain heat and release the excess making you feel nice and cosy! Linen is also easy to care for and thus suitable for monsoons. It is a washable fabric which just requires cold water and a soft cloth to clean stains!

Linen is versatile
Fashionably, linen is super versatile and can be made to work for many occasions. While our linen sneakers are perfect for your casual wardrobe, they’re also great for semi-formal attire. Whether you wear them to work, a date or to hang out with your buddies, you can easily style these sneakers for different occasions!

Why not try them on for size and let us know what you think?


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