5 reasons why you should try these super comfortable loafers

Perhaps the most versatile footwear option available to men and women, the loafer is simply an addition you should make to your footwear collection. And we couldn’t think of writing this at a better time, with the launch of our super comfortable and unique SoftKnit Loafers, unlike any you have seen before! Here’s 5 (very good) reasons why you should pick up a pair for yourself if you haven’t already.

They’ve got no laces
The most distinct feature of a loafer is its slip on silhouette with no laces. This means you don’t have to worry about tying your laces from time to time, like you would with other shoes/sneakers(unless you’re wearing a Flatheads sneaker. Hint: one-time lacing). Our SoftKnit Loafers are designed to make your day hassle free by being super easy to slip on and off!

They’re super comfortable
Loafers are not just a stylish option, but are a great addition to your functional footwear wardrobe in that they are super comfy and great for all day use. Our loafers are designed with a very unique SoftKnit fabric that is made to feel silky smooth on your skin. Seriously, touch the fabric and you’ll see what we mean. Even its insoles are cushioned with a cloud like PU foam for comfort that lasts all day long!

They’re versatile
The beauty of loafers is that you can wear them to both dress up and down. This no-lace footwear style looks both nonchalant and intentional, making it perfect for pairing with T-shirts and jeans and shirts and trousers too. While it was designed to be a more casual shoe owing to its ability to look good sans socks, it's versatile enough to wear with socks for a more formal look when paired with trousers. Try our lighter, brighter shades to complete a casual ensemble and our solid black or white SoftKnits to blend well with formal attire.

They work all year round
Loafers are a great accessory for all year fashion. While they are primarily associated with summer looks, loafers don’t need any hibernation. You can style a pair of loafers with a great winter outfit as well and even pair them with socks. Additionally, Flaheads SoftKnit loafers are designed with a unique Soft Knit fabric which is an all weather fabric that adapts to the weather outside to keep your feet cool in the summers and snug in the winters!

They’re a fashion statement
Loafers are a classic form of footwear, yet surprisingly undiscovered by many(especially men). This makes them a unique fashion statement and a value addition to your wardrobe. Our range of dual toned loafers are particularly unique in that they are designed with two contrasting colours that create an understated, minimalist effect while also being unique enough to express your distinct identity through them.

Are you ready to step up your style game and do so with comfortable ease? Then explore our collection of Soft Knit loafers that offer all day comfort and timeless style for almost every occasion.


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