Welcome to the club!

As a token of our appreciation for supporting a homegrown brand, we would like to invite you to become a part of Flatheads #Unalike Club! This club membership is one of a kind and below is a list of benefits that come with it.

Get #Unalike Club membership

  • If you've purchased a pair of Flatheads shoes from our website, congratulations! You're an #Unalike Club Member. 🥳
  • If you are purchasing your first pair of Flatheads now, complete the Kapow 2.0 Launch Exclusive steps below and finish your purchase to become an #Unalike Club member.


#Unalike Club members get an additional 10% off on the new Kapow 2.0 collection. You can activate this benefit by following these steps:

  • Download the picture below (Click here)
  • Share it on your Instagram story and tag us @flatheadsofficial
  • That's it! You’ve unlocked your additional 10% discount. We'll DM you your discount code on Instagram.

Referral Hero:

  • Once you purchase a shoe on www.flatheads.in, you are eligible to become a Referral Hero.
  • As a referral hero, for every referral that you successfully convert, you get a discount of 10% on your next order, which adds up, all the way to 100%, once you convert 10 referrals.
  • Your referrals will be tracked with your unique referral code (you will receive this via email on completing your purchase) which will give your friends, family and acquaintances an instant 15% off on their first order.
  • For every 5 successful referrals, you are guaranteed a 50% off on the choice of your shoe from any collection.
  • For every 10 successful referrals, take home your choice of Flatheads from any collection, free of cost.

Cherished Patron:

  • Additionally, we will launch the newest collection exclusively to you for a period of 48 hours before we open it out to the world.
  • You will also get a 10% discount at pre launch applicable for 48 hours only.
  • You also get an extended return period, with additional 7 days, over and above the regular return period.
  • Furthermore, you get exclusive access to limited edition Flatheads branded merchandise.