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Imagined Innovatively.
Designed Thoughtfully.
Finished Elegantly.

We paired the simplicity of understated style with innovative materials and sensible design to create these shoes for the discerning customer, YOU.

For the first time in the UAE, Bamboo Sneakers

Our shoes are made with natural bamboo yarn which is...

• Temperature Regulating • Breathable • Odour and sweat free

Making them ideal for warm tropical climates!

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Our Philosophy

We believe that what’s on your feet is a reflection of who you are and what you believe in. That’s why, each Flatheads shoe is designed keeping in mind your every day.

Understanding the Understated

Bringing the understated aesthetic into everyday fashion through brand values that align with simplicity, minimalism and elegance. This means, our shoes are as relevant for meetings as they are for meet-ups!

Revolutionizing the way you look at footwear

We reimagined footwear to go beyond the functional through innovative materials that make sense and thoughtful design that is relevant. Add to this, the charm of minimalism and we’ve created an understated everyday accessory that fits into your life.

Natural Bamboo Fiber Shoes.

Super Lightweight
Odour Free
Temperature Regulating
Extremely Breathable

Meet the shoe that understands you.

Celebrities spotted walking the fine line

Abhinav Mukund Cricketer, Commentator
Siddharth Actor, Producer
Pankaj Advani Billiards Champion
Naveen Tewari Founder, InMobi

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  • 10X Breathable: Knit fabric uppers to keep your feet cool, sweat free and stay comfortable enough for standing all day.
  • Ultra Lightweight: Unlike heavy-soled plimsolls, we are extremely lightweight- making us the most comfortable casual shoes for men.
  • Supreme Comfort: All day wear, comfortable casual shoes optimised for over 14 hours of comfort. Like pillows for your feet!
  • Home-grown: Completely made in India. Casual shoes startup from Bengaluru with a mission to make your every day more comfortable.
  • Versatile: Shoes that complement every look! Style them with anything, from casual wear to office wear.