Father's Day

FLAT 20% off on all shoes!

Because a “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug doesn’t cut it.

See the comfiest man in the crowd? Dressed in a casual polo shirt, loose trousers and maybe a watch/cap for some flair. That’s how you spot a dad.

He’s undeniably the comfiest man in the room.

And that’s why, a Flatheads sneaker is just what he needs this Father’s Day.

PS: Also maybe tell him you love his dad jokes. Just this once.

Use code FATHERSDAY and get 20% off on all shoes!

Customers Speak

Naveen Tewari

Founder & CEO, InMobi

I love sneakers and with Flatheads, it was the idea of a 'casual work sneaker' that got my attention. I got the Ooofs and they were super comfortable, and the slip on feature made them easy to wear. I found the concept of one-time laces quite cool too!

Rajiv Srivatsa

Co-founder, Urban Ladder

Talking to the Flatheads founders piqued my interest, and I got myself a pair. I’ve got to say that they have hit the brand promise of casual work sneakers bang on! I love my Flatheads and wear them most times I step out.

Saumil Majmudar

Founder and CEO, Sportz Village

Have been wearing Flatheads regularly since I bought them at launch. They sure keep my feet comfortable through the day while my head is going crazy dealing with the ups and downs in building Sportz Village!

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