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We’re kicked that you are embarking on a journey of thoughtfulness, innovation and minimalism. Keep reading for some interesting tidbits about your recent purchase!

Our shoes are thoughtfully designed keeping in mind your every day!

Did you know that your sneaker is made with one-time-lacing technology?That means, you can lace it up once and be sure that it won’t come off for a long, long time. And yes, your loafer is special too. In fact, it's ‘hands-free’. Slip into and out of easily, without using your hands!

Our shoes are innovative enough to be versatile!

We know how dynamic your schedule is. And we know about that one coworker who always suggests impromptu party plans. That’s why the shoe you just purchased can be styled to look smart for work AND catch the eye at parties. Refer to the style guide in your shoe box for more tips. And while you’re at it, why not check out some stylish socks to pair your shoes with?

Our shoes are minimally designed to clean up easily!

A clean cloth/brush and cold water does the trick. Yes, it’s that easy. For lighter colours and tough stains, we suggest using a sneaker cleaner like the Helios Super Sneaker Cleaner!

Here’s what others are saying about Flatheads.

Flatheads have nailed the shoe space. The footwear is comfy and smart-looking. Super light yet sturdy

- Shree A

Very comfortable and breathable. Moreover, they are manufactured in India by an Indian brand, all the more reason to support them.

- Naren

Congratulations to Flatheads for its great design, soft material and super fast delivery, as promised!

- Prashanth Velichetty

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Change of sneakers

Superb prompt and good service from flatheads really appreciate and looking forward to purchase some more products thanks

Banana Kicks | All-Black | Men
vivek m (Chennai, IN)
great shoe.

great shoe, fits to the size. love the sole and its optimum height. would have loved it, if it was a bit more flexible in the toe region.

Good looking, and decent quality

Good looking, and decent quality

No comfort shoes

Looking to attractive ads, i bought this. But shoes has pilora sole, not much shock ansorbers, some cheap material support near anckle(shoe bite still persist), . overall its not comfortable shoes at all. My feel should feel comfortable while wearing shoes and not after removing I should feel relieved. Overall look is great but nothing great that we pay premium for.

Not as expected

Hi the insoles are coming off. And the fabric also tore. The soul hardly has coushioning.


Extremely light weight n comfortable.

Troos Jasper
Er H S SIDHU (Bathinda, IN)
Size and return process

Heel cover is less so fitting is not good. Your return process is very slow, it takes long time.

Drift - Bamboo Sliders | Navy on White | Men
Jayanth Kumar (Bengaluru, IN)
Refund amount

My refund amount still not credited

Superb Quality

Best slip on’s in the market. Really Proud of the Quality of MADE IN INDIA. These can really give any brand a run for their money.

Aurea - Bamboo Sneakers | Slate | Men
best for research scholars,


Banana Kicks | Aqua Blue | Women
Neelam Biradar (Bengaluru, IN)
Excellent, innovative and unique shoes !

Excellent, innovative and comfortable ahoes

Banana Kicks | All-Black | Men
Kuri sravan (Delhi, IN)

Banana Kicks | All-Black | Men

Smart look

Very smart look and extremely comfortable.

Extremely Uncomfortable

Please note that there is a lot of depth in the shoes resulting in hurting the side part of the feet due to friction with exterior white rubber. I feel for there is no cushioning in the shoes. Especially memory foam would have helped. I will have to use insoles for it not to hurt my feet. Not at all meant for people with wide feet.

KoolTex Trainers | Wine Red | Men
Suraj S (Bengaluru, IN)
Could have been better

Have issue rich quality my shoe hardly used about the lace place is already Torned

Comfort and Style imbibed

Amazing quality and breathable material which makes it easier to wear during Summer.

New Troos - Bamboo Loafers | Black Melange | Men
Vinod Muralidhar (Bengaluru, IN)
Decent build. Insole slips every time i remove the shoe

Decent build quality. Good color and comfort. Insole slips every time i remove the shoe. I have constantly take the insole out and replace it every time I wear my shoe. This is irritating.


Great shoes , simple and super comfy

Banana Kicks | Ash Grey | Men
Gaurav Maurya (Bengaluru, IN)
Banana Kicks | Ash Grey

Look wise they are good. However, if you are thinking to wear them without socks, then you will feel its roughness. With socks they go fine. They doesn’t look so durable but I have wore them for only a week so let’s see.

New Troos - Bamboo Loafers | Black Melange | Men

Linen Sneakers | Grey-Natural | Men
Puneet Toshniwal (Bengaluru, IN)

Linen Sneakers | Grey-Natural | Men

KoolTex Trainers | Black-Grey | Men
Apoorv Upadhyay (Lucknow, IN)
Excellent product

Excellent product with good quality

Banana Kicks | Burgundy Red | Men
Visesh Challa (Bengaluru, IN)
Comfort & style personified

The shoes are extremely comfortable & it feels like I was floating on air! It's quite a new experience for me and I realized that I was really punishing my feet all these years! The design is awesome and looks very sleek. The flap is stitched to the shoe and I liked this feature a lot. I am looking forward to enjoying my shoes and do not want to again go back to a shoe which will punish my feet anymore.

KoolTex Trainers | Powder Blue | Women
Sonika Kachroo (Bengaluru, IN)
Cool & light

Loved the cool look & the light feel of my new flathead pair !!!

KoolTex Trainers | Navy | Men
Customer (Delhi, IN)

KoolTex Trainers | Navy | Men