Welcome to the Flatheads tribe.

We’re kicked that you are embarking on a journey of thoughtfulness, innovation and minimalism. Keep reading for some interesting tidbits about your recent purchase!

Our shoes are thoughtfully designed keeping in mind your every day!

Did you know that your sneaker is made with one-time-lacing technology?That means, you can lace it up once and be sure that it won’t come off for a long, long time. And yes, your loafer is special too. In fact, it's ‘hands-free’. Slip into and out of easily, without using your hands!

Our shoes are innovative enough to be versatile!

We know how dynamic your schedule is. And we know about that one coworker who always suggests impromptu party plans. That’s why the shoe you just purchased can be styled to look smart for work AND catch the eye at parties. Refer to the style guide in your shoe box for more tips.

Our shoes are minimally designed to clean up easily!

A clean cloth/brush and cold water does the trick. Yes, it’s that easy. For lighter colours and tough stains, we suggest using a sneaker cleaner.

Here’s what others are saying about Flatheads.

Flatheads have nailed the shoe space. The footwear is comfy and smart-looking. Super light yet sturdy

- Shree A

Very comfortable and breathable. Moreover, they are manufactured in India by an Indian brand, all the more reason to support them.

- Naren

Congratulations to Flatheads for its great design, soft material and super fast delivery, as promised!

- Prashanth Velichetty

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Banana Kicks | Grey-Black (Black Sole) | Men
Sunil P dembla (Chennai, IN)
Good 👍🏻

👍🏻 good best wishes for future

Linen Sneakers | Burgundy-Red | Men
LINGARAJA Sahu (Coimbatore, IN)
Down but not out

I am extremely touched by the letter. And the quality for sure is a double +. I am one of such person who is suffering from sweating problem but this shoe seems to be an ultimate solution whereas similar products in the market comes at 8k. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and do let me know if I can of any help to you and your team.

Banana Kicks | Burgundy Red | Men
Ashish Kar (Bhubaneswar, IN)

Banana Kicks | Burgundy Red | Men

Banana Kicks | Grey-Black (Black Sole) | Men

Banana Kicks | Natural White | Men
Akshay Kr Gupta (Delhi, IN)
Good shoes

The shoes are really good and comfortable

Banana Kicks | Burgundy Red | Men
Deepak Setty (Bengaluru, IN)

Like advertised it is that t-shirt which you are comfortable wearing .

KoolTex Trainers | Black-Grey | Men
Ghanshyam Kumar (Ahmedabad, IN)

Make price affordable

KoolTex Trainers | Black-Grey | Men
Srihari PM (Nagpur, IN)

Awrsome product

Linen Sneakers | Grey-Natural | Men
Deepak Subramanian (Chennai, IN)
Super stylish and comfortable

Great shoes to wear for an entire day

KoolTex Trainers | Black-Grey | Men
Kooltex Trainers Simply the Best

Excellent comfort and light weight. Quality at par with expensive shoes in the same category.

KoolTex Trainers | Black-Grey | Men
Salman Shah (London, GB)
Great work Ganesh.

I recently got laid and though it's not the same story as you, could relate a lot to your struggle. Thanks for staying the path and although this was a review for your shoes, it very much stays a review for your company as well.

Awesome Shoes 👟

I Sir
Good Evening,
How are you i feel you and your family are doing good .
This shoes is awesome Sir .
Very light weight. Pehne ke baad lagta hai jse legs me nai Jan agai hai. I love this brand but you know lower middle class family ke liye itna costly shoes Lena it's a task and mne paise ikjte kiye the i saw your shark tank episode .So decide Kiya stock khtam hone se pehle mere ko Lena hai ye shoes...Agar if you have some new stocks please ping me on my number Jai [****]....

Banana Kicks | Burgundy Red | Men
Gaurav Arora (Delhi, IN)

Very comfortable, but a bit pricey...!
Worth a try.

KoolTex Trainers | Black-Red (Black Sole) | Men
Akhilesh Shahare (Bengaluru, IN)
Not comfortable

The sole and shoe overall is not comfortable. I bought a size 9. Also, it’s not worth the price.

got banana kick

thank you i loved it very much and also more i liked your positive attitude on shark tank and also i wanted to take part in your journey thank you

Design could be better

KoolTex Trainers | Black-Grey | Men
Saurabh Kumbhat (Jaipur, IN)

KoolTex Trainers | Black-Grey | Men

KoolTex Trainers | Black-Red (Black Sole) | Men
Vedaghosh Amara (Hyderabad, IN)

KoolTex Trainers | Black-Red (Black Sole) | Men

Banana Kicks | Burgundy Red | Men
Raja Narayanaswami (Chennai, IN)
The Red Shoes

Loved the shoes and have been using them non stop. Ganesh's personal note was very touching and well thought out - A great lesson in how brands can evoke strong emotions. For once, i didn't mind the fact that returns couldn't be handled - not that i was planning to. For now, my sons and me fight over who will wear the shoes... Loving it.

Banana Kicks | Burgundy Red | Men
Deepak Bharti (Coulsdon, GB)

Very comfy pairs! Absolutely brilliant shoes.

Linen Sneakers | Grey-Black (Black Sole) | Men
Saumil Majmudar (Bengaluru, IN)

Very comfortable. Light.

Banana Kicks | Grey-Black (Black Sole) | Men
Mahesh Muraleedharan (Bengaluru, IN)

Banana Kicks | Grey-Black (Black Sole) | Men

Banana Kicks | Ash Grey | Men
Shiva Tiwari (Mumbai, IN)
Banana Kicks, Ash Grey

Good looking, light weight, and comfortable..

Banana Kicks | All-Black | Men
Grafin (Bengaluru, IN)
Lovely shoe

Light, comfortable and made of natural fibers, this shoe is a breeze to wear all day

KoolTex Trainers | Grey (Black Sole) | Men
Milind Thakur (Mumbai, IN)

Average but overpriced shoes