Hi there, we've been expecting you.

Are you ready to master (or attempt) the art of Origami and celebrate your journey of minimalism with us?

We have carefully selected three videos of varying degrees of expertise for you to try out.

Level 1: The Masu Box

If this is your first experience with Origami, we recommend the Masu Box

Level 2: The Crane

If you’ve dabbled in Origami a few times before, the iconic crane is yours to make!

Level 3: The Phone Stand

If you’re an Origami sensei, you can try this handy Origami phone stand!

Share a picture of your masterpiece with us on Instagram by uploading a post/story and tagging us @flatheadsofficial with #RidiculouslyComfortable!

Friendly reminder - Origami isn’t an easy art form and slip-ups are normal. We’d love to see bloopers and failed attempts too, so don’t be shy.

We’re excited to have you on board with us on this journey of minimalism with Troos. Happy crafting!