Why Flatheads?

Flatheads shoes are designed for everyday wear. With lightweight materials and thoughtful design, we've created the everyday shoes you really need.


Flatheads are ultra-lightweight, so your feet feel burden-free, even after a long day! The sneakers weigh in at an average of 380gms a pair, making them lighter than a traditional glass of water. Yes, we tested it!

Slip On

The unique one-time lacing feature enables you to slip into your Flatheads with ease without having to untie your laces. Just tie them the first time according to your fit, and never bother with them again!


Flatheads have knit-fiber uppers that are light, airy and breathable. The uppers ensure a steady flow of air, so your feet remain cool and you sweat less, even in the summers.


The insoles are cushioned for extra support to your feet, giving you the feeling of walking on pillows.

No Shoe Bite

Flatheads are ready from the get-go. No shoe-bites, no break-in period. Just super comfortable from the moment you put them on.

Long Wear

Optimised to provide over 14 hours of comfort, Flatheads are great for long days and all-day wear.

Easy Clean

Flatheads can be cleaned by wiping with a wet cloth. For a more deep-clean, just dunk the pair in a bucket of warm soap-water.

Easy to Pack

The lightweight knit uppers of Flatheads make them great for carrying around! Also, you’ll never need to pack a second pair of shoes!

Maintains Shape

Fold your Flatheads however you like! The flexible uppers go back to shape every time.


Wriggle and stretch your toes in your Flatheads with ease. They’re rip and tear resistant!